Otter Creek has worked hard to bring our customers the best products with the best designs. We are huge fans of Realtree and their camoflauge patterns, and that's why we've gone the extra distance to offer some of our products with authentic Realtree patterns and designs.

We hope you take the time to browse our website for the complete list of designs on Otter Creek products, but for those who want to jump straight to their favorites, here is the current list of Realtree patterns.

Realtree AP

Realtree AP(click here for Hair of the Dog)

Realtree AP Blaze

Realtree APB(click here for Sasq(wash))

Realtree AP Snow


Realtree APC (Green)

Realtree APC(click here for Hair of the Dog)

Realtree APC (Red)

Realtree APC(click here for Grit Happens)

Realtree MAX-4

Realtree Max-4(click here for Duck Call Primer)

Realtree AP HD© 2006 of Jordan Outdoor Enterprises, Ltd., all rights reserved.

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